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FRUITONATE - Summer Sweet Symphony Jam selection 4x45g

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APIPHEN has achieved a significant milestone by creating FRUITONATE, an innovative product that takes the concept of jam to a whole new level.


FRUITONATE Kiwis 45g  : kiwis, honey, lemon. 

Prepared with 86g of kiwis for 100g of product.

FRUITONATE Straberries 45g  : strawberries, honey, lemon. 

Prepared with 86g of strawberries for 100g of product.

FRUITONATE Abricots 45g  : abricots, honey, lemon. 

Prepared with 86g of abricots for 100g of product.

FRUITONATE Cherries 45g  : cherries, honey, lemon. 

Prepared with 86g of cherries for 100g of product.

Products are stable even after opening. Does not require refrigeration.

Only two ingredients: fruits and honey.
High concentration of fruits: 86 g per 100 g of product.
Innovative process with up to 75% energy savings.
Not pasteurized, long shelf life at room temperature.
No added sugar, pectin, preservatives or other food additives.

We blend the tradition of fruit preservation with science and innovation, opting for a unique approach that avoids the use of pectin, sugar, flavor enhancers, preservatives and temperatures exceeding 42°C.This ensures the preservation of the nutrients, phytonutrients and flavors of fresh fruits and honey.

Under the motto: "Symphony of an exquisite taste!", you can be sure that every jar has only carefully selected ripe fruit and honey inside.


With this innovative technology, the FRUITONATE jam is produced at a temperature of up to 42ºC and without pasteurization.

The advantages of the innovative technology in the production of FRUITONATE jam are remarkable. This ensures the preservation of nutrients and natural flavor, while minimizing the energy required in the production process, which has a positive impact on the environment.

The use of this technology not only contributes to energy conservation through 75% less energy consumption than normal, but also to maintaining the superior properties and quality of the FRUITONATE jam.

The delicate production process protects the nutrients and authentic taste of the fruits, providing consumers with a healthy and high-quality product. The low energy consumption reduces carbon emissions, thus protecting the environment and contributing to fight against climate change.
The use of honey as an important ingredient in Fruitonate products ensures that we are part of a sustainable food system. Bees are essential to the ecosystem, and beekeepers' care for them is supported by consuming honey but more importantly by diversifying the use of honey through the development of innovative foods.

Through our dedication to harnessing the properties of honey while protecting the well-being of bees and nature, we contribute to a sustainable future. By appreciating the importance of bees and looking for innovative ways to integrate honey into our products, we actively participate in the delicate balance between food production and its impact on the environment.

By choosing the FRUITONATE jam produced by this innovative method, consumers not only enjoy a natural and delicious product, but also support eco-friendly and
sustainable initiatives, promoting a responsible and environmentally friendly lifestyle.
100% Raw Pure Nature!