About Us

Who we are?

We are Apiphen, an innovative Swiss company, which has patented a revolutionary method by which we offer you propolis extracts, with the highest bioavailability and in the most natural form.

As natural as the bees like!

What is propolis?

Etymologically, the word propolis comes from the Greek language and means "the part in front of the fortress". The explanation for this strange name comes from the long observation of the habits of bees that are accustomed to defend their hive with the help of this substance. To do this, the bees collect a resinous-looking aromatic substance from at least 20 species of trees. This resin is processed under certain special temperature conditions by the bees working in the hive. The result is a surprising substance with incredible properties that is used as a means of protecting the hive against pests: microbes, bacteria, mold and even to prevent the rot of insects or animals, a process that could affect the health of the bee family. Propolis is, in addition to honey, the wonder product of the hive and it is not surprising that it has attracted people's attention since antiquity. 

How was propolis used until now?

Industrialization have so far left the mark on this product. In an attempt to capture as many of the obvious qualities of this wonder product as possible, propolis has been extracted and modeled in many ways. Most of this processing methods, however, omitted the most obvious and at the same time the most important aspect of the birth of propolis in the hive, in nature: the fact that it is produced naturally by the bees, without industrial processing, under certain conditions, with care and enough time for bees. The artificial methods of preparation rob propolis of many of its essential qualities, destroying its remarkable potential benefits. The most common methods of preparation include the use of 96-degree alcohol, the combination of propolis with various food additives and excipients, or include heat processing processes. None of these processes are completely safe and recommended for maximum effects on our general health, no such product is completely suitable for children or the elderly.

Our method

Apiphen set out (and succeeded) in finding an innovative way to offer humans this wonderful hive product, the propolis, in conditions as close as possible to those found in nature, as natural as the bees want it to be. In more than 10 years of research we have undertaken to find this method, we have come to the conclusion that we will be able to preserve the miraculous properties of propolis if we keep in the processing the temperature conditions in the hive and use only the ingredients that the bees have in the hive.

This is how we came to patent an extraction process that offers a natural and safe product for all age groups of our consumers. Apiphen products are without alcohol or potentially toxic solvents, do not contain food additives or excipients, and no sugar.

Why would you or your children take a product meant to be good for health but contains at least one ingredient with potential risk and consumption limit( alcohol, propylene glycol, glycerol)?

The Apiphen method is safe and effective because the propolis extracts obtained by this method contain only ingredients that exist naturally in the hive: propolis, honey and water.

Apiphen products are easy to consume as such or in a wide variety of uses: in juices, tea, water, smoothies and other preparations.

Why apiphen?

Because: All other propolis extracts contain alcohol, additives and excipients or other solvents (such as propylene glycol, glycerol) that present toxic potential or consumption limitation per kg body/day.

Because: Apiphen propolis extracts are processed by a patented method, at hive temperature, with ingredients as natural as bees have: propolis, honey and water, thus preserving the amazing properties of raw propolis.

Our scientific research experience over time is pass into the products created out of love for people, with respect and care for nature.